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First Hike to Ambler Rattlesnake Lodge at the Blueridge Mountains, North Carolina

Our first hike started when my sister slamed on the brakes stuttering: “Oh my gosh, a big rattle snake!” And indeed it was. The timber rattlesnake is very common in North Carolina and this example laying on the street was

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Drowning my Phone

After drowning my waterproof Sony Xperia Z1compact Phone in the French Broad River, I´m not able to take more Photos and quic- post funny stuff… I think all pictures on my Phone are gone now, but there is still hope

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Brew Grass Festival in Asheville…

On saturday morning we moved to Asheville Nc. The Trip was funny, 5 persons and a dog… After arriving we got two Uber – cars (that what is prohibited in germany) and entered the Asheville Brew Grass Festival… After veryfiing

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