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First Hike to Ambler Rattlesnake Lodge at the Blueridge Mountains, North Carolina

Our first hike started when my sister slamed on the brakes stuttering: “Oh my gosh, a big rattle snake!” And indeed it was. The timber rattlesnake is very common in North Carolina and this example laying on the street was

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Drowning my Phone

After drowning my waterproof Sony Xperia Z1compact Phone in the French Broad River, I´m not able to take more Photos and quic- post funny stuff… I think all pictures on my Phone are gone now, but there is still hope

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Brew Grass Festival in Asheville…

On saturday morning we moved to Asheville Nc. The Trip was funny, 5 persons and a dog… After arriving we got two Uber – cars (that what is prohibited in germany) and entered the Asheville Brew Grass Festival… After veryfiing

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So, passed every securitycheck, got a warm shock in front of the airport… Now staying at a friends house for one night… Veröffentlicht mit WordPress für Android Karl OelschMore Posts – Website

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Morgen früh gehts los…

So, fertig gepackt, ich hab das Gefühl, ich hab die Hälfte vergessen, so wenig Gepäck hab ich… Hedwig hat auch nicht mehr… Normalerweise nehmen wir auf ein Wochenende mehr mit, seltsam. Morgen früh gehts um kurz vor sieben los… Veröffentlicht

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